how to lead a group practice based on your enneagram. download here!

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Build, Grow, and Lead your Team with Confidence and Direction through Values Based Decisions

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You’ve started and grown your solo practice-Congrats!
And, now you have the itch to build a group practice.

But the thought of hiring your first employee is overwhelming AF.

Questions flood your brain on how to find the right people to work for you, if you should hire contractors or employees, how to best support them, and how to fill their schedule. Also, offering benefits? SCARY!

Not to mention the fear of the unknown and not even knowing which questions to ask.

get support from someone who has been there

Values Driven Group is on a mission to help dietitians and therapists in the eating disorder and non diet space scale their insurance business from solo to group and expand services driven from a place of growth, values and impact.

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how to lead a group practice based on your enneagram

download here

Meet your Business Mentor:

Hannah Turnbull, RDN

When I started my group practice a few years ago, I felt just like you. I had a hunger for more, I wanted to hire my first employee, I wanted to be a leader and I felt incredibly overwhelmed with a giant dose imposter syndrome.

Questions flooded my brain: Where do I start? Who would want to work for me? Can I bring enough clients into the practice? Who am I to do this?

Through challenging my inner critic and leaning into grit, I ended up WINGING it. Cue: shit storm. 

I went through nights of major billing and cash flow issues, slogged through the hiring process and scrambled to figure out sustainable systems all while navigating scaling my private practice into a group practice. If you can name it, I’ve probably been through it.

Let's be clear: there’s absolutely space for winging it, or how I say to my business coaching clients “being scrappy” AND there’s also a more guided while flexible path to build the group practice of your dreams based in your personal values.

Enter, Hannah:

your cheerleader, guide through the trenches, business coach confidant, and idea bouncer-offer.

In my style of business coaching, I am warm, empathetic and direct. I live by principles of Radical Candor: to challenge directly and care personally.

I’m invested in helping dietitians and therapists...

become leaders

(it's why I study leadership! I am a graduate student for a masters in organizational leadership)

help clients access eating disorder +
weight inclusive care

(which is why I work well with insurance practices and clinicians who don't promote weight loss)

helping any group practice learn how to attract, hire, and create  jobs for dietitians

(my expertise is in insurance based practices, group practice and leadership, and adding dietitian/nutrition services, )

I’m incredibly passionate and knowledgeable around business, strategy, finances and execution. It's overwhelming to grow your business and there’s a lot of moving parts, and I'm here to guide and teach you what you need to know to build your values driven business: whether that's building a group practice, hiring an RD and offering nutrition services at your therapy group practice, or starting to take insurance for your RD private practice.

Free  30 minute clarity call

what does business support look like for you?

Custom Proposal for Established Practices

coming soon!

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