insurance consulting

It’s no secret that people want to use their insurance benefits to access your nutrition counseling services.

Whether you’re an eating disorder dietitian, or weight inclusive MNT dietitian, Hannah can teach you all the steps to contract, credential and bill as an insurance provider for maximum reimbursement!

Hannah is well versed in the ins and outs of billing as a dietitian and how to troubleshoot bumps in the road that inevitably come up! Hannah works with solo practice and group practice dietitians to make their services more accessible and to be able to retain clients for the length of care they actually need while still getting paid the money you deserve through insurance billing.

what's included in insurance coaching:

45 minute insurance consulting session where Hannah gets her hands in your systems and walks you through what you need to know and do with insurance, meeting you at whatever stage you are at in the insurance process!

things we'll cover:

CAQH, NPI, EIN, and other acronyms you need to know
How to choose which insurances to contract with
Contracting + credentialing with insurance
How to verify and interpret benefits
Systems around insurance billing
Virtual vs in person billing
Should you do your own billing or hire out, and how much you can anticipate paying

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